Rule Remarks About BlackbeardV4.0
Holger Burbach

How to Win: game ends if third pirate of one player retires or dies, winner is surviving or retired pirate with most net worth ··· win at once if 100 notoriety gained ··· if game would end by pirate retirement and the player conducting this pirate would win the game, it continues until a second player meets the end condition

Prepare For Play: put Captain Blood on top of pirate deck, each player draws one pirate by cutting the pirate deck and choosing the one at the bottom of the lifted portion ··· put in separate draw cups: governors, merchants, KCs, warships, Letters of Marque ··· randomly distribute 6 governors among ports with Dr66 (not in pirate haven, only one governor in one port, reroll if necessary) ··· randomly distribute 6 merchants among shipping lanes using action cards ··· get pen and piece of paper

Player's Turn:


Activate Pirate:
         at most 2 active; choose by cutting pirate deck; choose free schooner or sloop ship log
Move Pirate:
         at most dr6 plus speed modifier, at least 1; may not enter anti port; enter or leave port in same hex: 1; enter transit box: one movement operation, may not enter again until visited port; after movement choose: end turn or attack port (see below) or if pirate has used maximum of possible movement: search merchant by drawing action card and placing merchants if mentioned
Take Prize:
         (see below)
Perform Port Action with Pirate or KC:
         (see below)
Petition for KC:
         make Dr66£ notoriety of any active opposing pirate; draw randomly; place in transit box leading to ocean of that pirate; at most 2 KCs per player
Move KC:
         move number of hexes £ current movement rating; option for Anti-Pirate Campaign (see below); may not enter port offering Letter of Marque
Attempt Interception with KC:
         if in same hex with pirate at start of operation (see Interception and Combat below)
Careen Ship or Remove Careen:
         pirate or KC; in any coastal hex (to refit speed damage); use dr6 to determine amount of removed speed damage

End of Turn: draw action card to determine next player; events on action cards possible:


Draw Random Event:
         shuffle deck; draw action card; check random event line; KCs warships on arrows enter transit box; automatic interception in transit box;
Move Warships:
         move warship up to 5 hexes (may exceed movement allowance ...) or draw new warship (placement by additional action card)
Warship Intercepts most Notorious Pirate:
         remove all warships; draw new warship; place in same hex with most notorious pirate; continue with interception (see Interception and Combat below)
Draw New Merchant Draw Two Merchants:
         placement by additional action card
Remove Even Odd Merchants



  •  keep searching merchants, taking prizes, watching crew unrest (declaring D&R often), evading battles, repairing damages at once, watching attack history, watching pro pirate ports, chasing enemy pirates with own KC
  • option to get save haven for more net worth, more notoriety and stashing net worth (save net worth but subject to port attacks)
  • greater chance to find merchants in coastal hexes but also greater chance to suffer damage by storm
  • get Rigger from merchant to be able to stand more combat damage
  • attack ports only with information from hostage or together with other pirate
  • get Letter of Marque to upgrade ports with positive effects on net worth, notoriety and save havens
  • retirement only in save havens, pro ports or with Letter of Marque in battle with KC warship of same nationality
  • to render retirement more difficult declare D&R in pro ports
  • to attack other pirate with own pirate chase him, try to engage in duels and attack merchants he found
  • attempt to win: get most net worth and end game by killing all pirates of one other player

Take Prize:


  •  if starting turn in same hex with merchant
  • inspect merchant privately, decide whether to attack or not; -1 crew unrest if no attack; place merchant on top of attacking pirate
  • attack number: combat rating + speed rating of ship + ability of pirate - merchant defense rating
  • captured if DR12£attack number
  • place attack marker of merchant's nationality on ship log if not duplicated this way; all ports of this nationality are anti-pirate now for this pirate
  • pirate may use merchants ship instead of his own (only possible the ones with strength from 3 to 6), if pirate sustained no damage in previous turns chasing the merchantand a matching free ship log exists; transfer markers; new ship has no combat or speed damage; abandon surplus booty
  • cargo manifest: draw action card; cross-index merchant's defense rating with current ocean; abandon booty if holds full; may declare Debauchery & Revelry (D&R): put D&R marker on pirate, +1 crew unrest, forfeit pirates next turn to remove marker; may use forfeited turn to operate with second pirate or KC; if D&R on action card, declare D&R or -1 crew unrest
  • hostages: draw action card; new hostage if hostage number + merchant's defense rating + ocean modifier (Gold Coast: -2, Indian Ocean: -1, Caribbean: 0, North Atlantic: +1) ³ 10; if hostage (useful for optional port information and more net worth) then:

    •  home port: draw action card; cross-index HP column with current ocean; * means closest of ships nationality on that ocean; closest port if no fitting port exists; note on piece of paper
    • torture hostage: only once per hostage; if dr6 > cruelty rating, no information; if dr6£ cruelty rating hostage supplies port information (useful for attack); if dr6 < cruelty rating hostage dies


  • duel: if declaring D&R challenge most notorious pirate in same hex (see Duels below)

Perform Port Action with Pirate or KC:


                                                         only recover or refit
                                                         repair combat damage; pirate in save haven or pirate haven: all; pirate in pro port: 2 points; pirate or KC in neutral port: 1 point; KC in anti port: 2 points
                                                         restore wound related ratings except permanent wounds; get rid of scurvy
                                        Sell Booty:
                                                         sell contents of holds; pirate haven: -20%, mandatory D&R; save haven +20%; pro port +10%; per 100: +1 unrest (less unrest), +1 notoriety; may declare D&R in pro or neutral port, draw governor: pro governor removed from play; anti governor: neutral port: governor remains, pirate ousted (-1 combat track); anti governor in pro port: return governor to cup, save haven forfeited or pro governor removed from play respectively; when sold booty may bribe governor to get save haven (not in pirate haven): pay 100 ×dr6; in neutral port draw governor: anti governor: bribe fails (not repaid) and return governor to draw cup
                                        Ransom Hostages:
                                                         like sell booty; prize 100 ×dr6
                                        Stash Net Worth:
                                                         at any time (out of turn) in save haven; not when being ousted; not recovered prior to retirement; lost when port sacked
                                        Buy Letter of Marque:
                                                         if available

Attack Port:


  •  no attack on: pirate haven or port with KC or warship of same nationality in same hex or port currently under attack or sacked or destroyed port
  • get attack history marker
  • pirates total: pirates ability + ships combat rating + dr6; + DR12 instead of dr6 if useful information from hostage
  • ports total: ports defense strength + DR12
  • attack successful if pirates total > ports total
  • successful attack: pirate damage one less than lower port die; port value ×dr6 ×100 is net worth; fills all holds; notoriety equal port defense rating; number marker: port value one less; pirate player: next turn depart or sack port
  • unsuccessful attack: damage equal total difference plus one; pirate ousted
  • sacking port: attack again; no useful information (hostages); port only half defence rating rounded up; if successful get notoriety equal twice defence rating; +3 unrest (less unrest); port destroy marker; stashed net worth lost

Interception and Combat:


  •  if interception check tried or pirate enters hex with warship or KC
  • automatic interception if (KC warship) and pirate in same transit box when random event is drawn
  • pirate intercepted if pirate's speed modifier + dr6£ (KC's warship's) dr6
  • strength is combat value + DR12; pirate: + ability
  • winner: one point damage; looser: difference as damage; pirate during combat immune to mutiny; -1 unrest (more unrest) for each point of damage
  • higher roller may declare end of battle; pirate may surrender
  • if pirate escapes after combat, gains 5 notoriety; if pirate wins, gains warship's strength as notoriety
  • pirate roll dr6 for each point of damage; on 1 wounded as action card says; superficial: ratings -1 until end of turn; minor: ratings -2 except cruelty until recovery; cripple: all -3 until recovery, then cruelty +1, rest -1; until recovery: each ability loss causes speed and combat loss; any combination of scurvy and wounds is fatal



  •  attackers attack value + dr6 compared to defenders defense value + dr6
  • defenders total ³ attackers: attacker loose 1 endurance
  • attackers total > defenders: defenders loose difference in endurance; all endurance losses only count for this duel; if difference ³ 3: draw action card to determine defenders wound (see Interception and Combat above)
  • if both survive exchange attacker and defender role and repeat to complete one round
  • repeat rounds until one is killed or backs off
  • backing off ends duel but causes -3 on crew unrest track; opponent is winner
  • winner of duel gets notoriety equal to endurance + duel (attack and defense) ratings of opponent and +2 on crew unrest track

Anti-Pirate Campaign: if pirate in pirate haven, enter port with KC and let (KC warship) wait outside in same hex; pirate ousted; (KC warship) outside has opportunity to intercept; draw governor: pro pirate: remove from play, anti pirate: place in port together with English Port marker

Retirement: in save haven or pro port; allowed if Dr66 ×100 £ net worth; during battle with KC with help of Letter of Marque: forfeit booty in holds, dr6: 3 to 6: ok, 1: death by hanging, 2: pay DR12 ×10% of net worth during trial (11 or 12: death by hanging)

Miscellanies: trade among pirates in same port ··· -1 crew unrest (more unrest) during blockade ··· pirate ousted (-1 combat track) if (KC warship) and port of equal nationality (has to enter different port before return) ··· multiple (KCs warships) in same hex: if different nationality then sequential attack else add combat ratings for simultaneous attack ··· cunning means rerolls ··· alliances between two pirates of different players: any terms within rules, operating player decides (booty!), broken: duel, search: two actions cards, deduct 2 from DR12, defense: choose higher DR12, port attacks: both ships combat strengths ··· mutiny check: if dr6 < leadership then talked way out, reset crew unrest to 6; if = leadership then may retire, loose on board net worth; if > leadership then loose everything, removed from play ··· a D&R pirate subtracts 2 from all intercept, evasion and battle dice rolls



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