Nowpoint Theory

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On this page I present information about an item I have invented. I call it ‘the Nowpoint Theory’. Read and meditate about it.

I am grateful for uses of these texts and curious about them. Therefore, if you use one of the texts in any way I would be pleased if you let me know.

Ich bin dankbar für die Nutzung der Texte auf dieser Seite und neugierig auf solche Nutzungen. Daher wäre ich erfreut, von solchen Nutzungen zu erfahren.

Was ich über das Leben gelernt habe (lebenslang in Arbeit)
 What I Have Learnt About Life (other language versions planned)
The Mystery of the Human Brain is Solved (April 2011)
On Completeness in Artificial Intelligence (April 2010)
A Deeper Understanding of Now (April 2009)

current open source research project “a chat system with intelligent behaviour” can be found here ;
do not expect any results within your lifetime