On this page I present information about and results of my research in artificial intelligence. If you consider it interesting, drop me a line.

You can find me on ResearchGate.

On Representational Completeness
Was ich über das Leben gelernt habe (lebenslang in Arbeit)
What I Have Learnt About Life (in progress for life)

My long time research project JACH B (Just Another CHat Bot) on a chat system with intelligent behaviour started in 1987, didn’t proceed for long periods and probably will last for life. Since the construction of an artificial intelligence is an explosive topic, maybe the correct way of handling it is first publishing the concept and then trying to implement it. I am afraid handling it the other way round could damage my unimportant little life. Another way to handle it is stop working on it or at least never again to talk about it. But that wouldn’t be a fun option. Please notify me anybody if I am getting to close to the final goal to remain safe.